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IRS Adds More Medical and Dental Expenses Deductions

The IRS allows you to deduct a certain amount of medical expenses if you itemize deductions. Qualified medical deductions are expenses you paid during the tax year for yourself, your spouse, or your dependents.

Here is a list of Qualified Medical Deductions that apply to you:

  • abortion, acupuncture, addiction treatment, ambulance service, annual physical examination, artificial teeth, autoette

  • bandage, blood sugar test kit, body scan, breast pumps, breast reconstruction surgery, birth control pills, Braille books and magazines

  • capital expenses, car (special equipment), chiropractor, Christian Science practitioner, clinic costs, contact lenses, cosmetic surgery to correct a disfigurement, crutches

  • dental treatments, dentist, diagnostic devices, diagnostic tests, disabled dependent care expenses, doctor visit, drug addiction treatment, drugs (when prescribed by a physician)

  • eye doctor, eyeglasses, eye surgery (including laser)

  • fertility enhancement, founder’s fees

  • guide dog or other helper animal service

  • health institute, health maintenance organization, hearing aids, home care, home improvements, hospital fees and services

  • insulin, insulin treatments, insurance premiums, (care for the) intellectually or developmentally disabled

  • laboratory fees, lactation supplies, lead-based paint removal, learning disability, legal fees, lifetime care, lodging while receiving medical care (up to $50 a person per night), long-term care: the maximum Long Term Care deduction depends on the actual age before the close of the taxable year: Age 40 or less: $420; Ages between 40 and 50: $790; Ages between 50 and 60: $1,580; Ages between 60 and 70: $4,220 and over 70: $5,270.

  • meals, medical conferences, medical examinations, medical information plan, medical services, Medicare Part B supplemental costs, Medicare Part D premiums, prescription medicines (when prescribed by a physician)

  • nursing help, nursing services

  • occupational therapy, operations, optometrist, organ donors, osteopath, oxygen

  • physical examination, physical therapy, podiatrist, pregnancy tests and pregnancy test kit, prescription drugs and medicines, prosthesis, psychiatric care, psychoanalysis, psychologist

  • reconstructive surgery

  • special education, sterilization, stop-smoking programs and prescription drugs, surgery

  • telephone, television, therapy, transplants, transportation**, trips, tuition (under special circumstances)

  • vasectomy, vision correction surgery

  • weight-loss program*, wheelchair, whirlpool baths (if ordered by a doctor), wig

  • x-ray

*You may deduct expenses incurred for a weight loss program if that weight loss was conducted after the diagnosis of a specific illness by your doctor.

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